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The Club

To facilitate more members of the community being active and playing sport the Gurdwara based club Lions Judo was formed in 2013. The aim of the club is to deliver safe, high quality judo instruction.

All our coaches are experienced competitors that are qualified under the British Judo Association. They are DBS checked and are fully trained in First Aid . They have also undertaken courses in Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Long Term Player Development.

Lions Judo are committed and passionate in allowing all their members to reach their individual goals.


In Japanese, judo means the 'gentle way'. This is a meaning that can refer to the controlled aggression of players rather than the martial art which is far from gentle. In judo players learn four main components these are throws, holds, strangles and arm locks. The Skill, technique and timing, rather than brute strength, used to perform these components are the essential ingredients for success in judo.

Judo helps improve fitness levels, balance, coordination and flexibility, as well as burning approximately 350 calories per session. Judo teaches people how to fall in a safe manner, therefore lowers peoples risk of sustaining serious injury in other sports. The throws and holds involved in judo provide an effective form of self-defence training.

Judo is an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people as you train in groups. Specific rules ensure you will build self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for yourself and others, with many of the moves involving a great deal of mutual trust.